I'm doing a function that requires an OnTimer event and that activates to the interaction of an object. When you activate it the first time it works correctly, but after the first time it seems to be unpredictable the way it acts because sometimes it's activated immediately and sometimes it activates after a few seconds.

Just to give you a practical example, I have a cube with OnInteract, an empty inside the cube with the OnTimer set to 10/15 seconds and another cube always inside the first cube. Now, the interact will activate the OnTimer gameObject and the OnTimer, after 10/15 seconds, will have to show the second cube. As I said before, the cube the first time is shown correctly, the times after it is activated immediately, and rarely it happened to me that it was activated after a few seconds, but not the time that I specified

EDIT: I forgot to specify, I checked Reset on Enable on the timer