I'm an avatar creator. And I don't mean to brag, but the avatars I create are popular enough that people often pop on on me to ask to clone them off me because I haven't created a world with them all yet.

The reason people like my avatars so much though is not because I'm an amazing modeler, but because I tend to put a lot of fun props and sound effects on them.

For example, for St. Patrick's day I created a leprechaun best boi avatar which had multiple songs, a box of lucky charms, three different types of alcohol, and a riverdance animation.

Now here's the problem:

Under the new system, despite my avatar only ever showing one of those props at a time, it would now be ranked very poor because the polygons for every prop would be counted in the rank!

But it gets worse!

The only way to do a dance routine with a gesture as the game is currently designed (and you want to use a gesture for this because you can't move around if you're using an emote, and you can't stop a long emote in the middle of the animation) is to create a duplicate of your avatar, hide the original, and play the animation on the duplicate.

The problem here is that under the new ranking system, any avatar that plays an animation on the avatar itself using a gesture will now have all of its polygons counted twice against it in the ranking system!

Worse still, if that animated avatar has props on it... because those props MUST be on the original avatar as well for the animation to reset properly after playing... all the props will be counted twice as well!

The end result of this is it will no longer be feasible to have an avatar which has many props and animations on it, because many people will hide it automatically based on an inaccurate performance rank calculation... and that's no fun!

But I'm not here just to complain. I'm here to offer a solution:

The correct way to implement this system, if you must implement it to prevent people from circumventing the limits, would be to determine performance dynamically at runtime. For example, if you need to read the meshes to determine how many polygons each has (which I assume is the case because you've changed it so any avatar with read/write disabled, which I assume would improve performance normally, is now ranked as very poor), do that, and store the count for each mesh in the avatar. Then calculate the performance of the avatar dynamically, and hide it if necessary, as parts of it are displayed and hidden, so that an avatar which has props or plays an animation on a gesture will only be hidden if the parts that are currently active on it exceed the performance ranking limits.

To do otherwise would be to punish every avatar creator who creates avatars which have lots of fun props and things on them!

It's already bad enough I have to tell people who aren't my friends to show my avatar before I demonstrate the fun things it does. Don't make it so they, along with my friends, won't be able to see my avatars at all even if I never toggle any props or animations!