This idea is kind of a tag-along world idea to go along with Shanie's request for more rigorous testing for public worlds. I pretty much expect this to be merged with theirs at some point since this is literally copy-paste from my comments on their page, but the idea was solid enough I wanted to make an official thread on it.

We need an "experimental" upload option, one that isn't private (meaning complete garbage/not being worked on), or public (finished/optimized for VR)

Experimental worlds may not be the best, most optimized experience, but will most likely be worlds dedicated to testing new features to be added to public worlds, and will be a world-type that requires constant updating.

This would allow the final versions of experimental worlds to apply for "publication", going through more rigorous testing before being accepted into the "public" roster of worlds. Then, worlds that don't complete that testing successfully would remain hidden in an "experimental" tab, while fully optimized worlds would gain that "public" rating.

Experimental worlds would be hidden by default and would require a switch on in settings to enable viewing. Essentially a hidden public for only those that wish to go to un-optimized worlds to see what's happening!

Any worlds in the "experimental" section that are not updated for a month or so would go back to being private until the owner uploads a new build of it to experimental.

If you'd like to see more about Shanie's idea, go check out their post at -