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Text Chat
i know someone requested it before but i will urge the request again since its is the main reason that prevents a lot of my friends from Second Life to join VRChat and that is the lack of Text chat. Sansar just Added Desktop Chat window to their VR Mode which is a step in the right direction but it still lacks the ability to type on a virtual Keyboard in VR mode still. We need Text chat for those who are not native English speakers like a lot of my friends who can perfectly type and read English but have a hard time to understand the spoken word and lack the pronunciation to be able to speak it them self also we have a lot of disabled people who are either def or Mute or have similar disorders which prevents them to be able to chat via Voice but they all would love to try VRChat and i don't think it would be such a hard task to add a keyboard to the menu and use simple Chat bubbles over the heads of people. sure we could try to make custom avatars for such ppl with a similar feature but that doesn't really solve the overall communication issue. since its a rather easy thing to code in unity i can only hope that this feature gets a high priority as an option for people to communicate and it would bring a lot more people to VRChat to become valuable creative members of the community. If chatbubbles are too immersion breaking there should be an Option like the one in Sansar where a tiny Chat window is attatched to the underside of the controller, simply turn it around to look at it. That should be an option for VR users as it isn's as immersion Breaking because i saw that was the main concern in the Comments of other Text Chat requests. Another issue many had is that they fear that most people would use Text chat just cause they dont want to use Voice but Second Life proved for many years that Laziness to type keeps the text chat to a minimum specially in VR it will be fairly slow to type on a virtual Keyboard so if people can use Voice they naturally will others who won't for what ever personal reason already use TXT to Speech wich brings me to Option 3 a Text to Speach build in to VRC for those who can Hear Voice chat but can't talk for what ever Reason. I hope this Covers all the Pro's and cons for Text Chat in VRC and its hard to make it right for everybody but we shouldnt be selfish and think of others who need or feel the need to use Text Chat. Overall i think it would be very Positive for the VRC community in general but it should be optional for every user to chose if he / she / it wants to interact with none Voicing users. We cant make it "Perfect" for all users but i think we should try our best to make it usable for everybody.
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