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Worlds/Creators UI direct linking to store
Allow direct linking of stores to Worlds/Users associated. (not groups, despite being in the same UI, because I believe stores should be separate from groups, but that is for another canny.) This is half a feature request directly solving most issues found with my first experience, and a feedback post. I've explored a little bit the Creator Economy ingame before watching the videos as a way to "feel" it for how most users will discover it (because let's be honest, you shouldn't need a video to explain how to buy/subscribe to a service in any way..) and here is what i found: First, when getting to the Purchases, it is clear the whole system uses credits. Clear. On another tab tho, when getting to the "spotlight", this is where things get messy. Worlds are shown first, clicking on them brings NO mention of a store at all, anywhere, nor that mentions of them/direct links to the store options are inside said world. (which yes, is not explicit unless you know custom UI is in said worlds) When scrolling down, you find groups, which is a little confusing at first because I expected stores, creators pages to support.. not either of the things shown. But once I clicked on groups, i found the stores, so finally i found the stores. (that only took clicking through some worlds and their creators to figure out if it was somewhere... friction.) Let's take it a bit further, when i figured this out, it was faster. But then I found one of the spotlight worlds, made by Reimajo. so I clicked on it, went to their profile, clicked on their group.... no store??? yup, if the creator doesn't represent the group their store is in, you'll have to view all their groups, and then figure out which one their store is part of. this is gonna cause most people to not even attempt it. A lot of people are gonna find themselves in my situation due to them not being in world, in front of these UIs explaining/showing direct access to these options when they will be exploring the creator economy options and how creators apply them. So what's the feature request? Allow linking of a store directly on a creators profile and on worlds that make use of said stores. Seperate from represented groups, because I might want to represent a group for their banner/an ongoing event, whilst not making anyone looking at my profile not able to find my store at all, keeping me from potential supporters. Finding a way to support a creator or access features should not require being physically present in said place, especially if you just want to support a creator you've known before regardless of benefits, or just met while in another world. Anyways i think this canny is long enough already, I made it quite long sorry, I wanted to go in depth with my experience and how I view a solution to my issues.
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