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Moderation events through API not saved or updated
A recent change on the API seems to cause issues properly saving or showing moderations (block, mute, hide avatar). The HTTP request for blocking/muting through the buttons on the website trigger a properly formatted request {"moderated":"**REDACTED**","type":"mute"} and {"moderated":"**REDACTED**","type":"block"} and the response seems to indicate that the moderation event was successfully saved earlier already since the timestamp matches up with when I blocked the user but reloading the website shows that the user is not blocked or muted and the user also doesn't show up under the blocks & mutes tab. Edit: In addition to this problem, trying to unblock an user after blocking them through the website doesn't work (button stays red to indicate the user is blocked (until I reload the page)) and the HTTP request/response is Request URL:**REDACTED** {"moderated":"**REDACTED**","type":"block"} {"error":{"message":"\"User **REDACTED** not found.\"","status_code":404}} Edit: Something seems to have caused the list of moderation events to update for me at least once a few hours ago with all the blocks/mutes/hides I did, however this is still an issue. A friend of mine blocked me to debug this issue and they are no longer able to properly unblock me. When they unblock me, they will show up for a few minutes but then disappear again a few minutes later or when switching/rejoining instances.
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